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I will probably contact the developers on sourceforge.

Synaptic or Sentilic touchpad? Proline u (Msi wind clone) | MyBroadband

If Windows 8 is touch based, why not extend a notebooks touchpad in a way, that it can act like a touchscreen? When I double click fspc icon, I get “fsp not detected” 2 Could not get synaptics driver work either Error message: This means that there’s no way out of the box to disable tap-to-click or modify pointer speed settings.

Forum discussion about touchpad drivers. I, immediately, plug it back and turned it on to find the touchpad all jumpy.

Or sign in with one of these services. Zyzzyva Executive Member Oct 3, Numbered steps of what to do example: I’ll take some time and make patches for upstream.

Is there a fundamental difference between Lucid and Karmic? So, to make it easier for people to tracmpad configuration of the Sentelic touchpad working, I’ve put together a tar.


Synaptic or Sentilic touchpad? Proline u100 (Msi wind clone)

Proline u Msi wind clone. Apple Magic Trackpad Control Panel. Also the guys at venturebeat.

I’m glad that the touchpad works for you in Lucid. Thanks track;ad the info, I’m going to play with it a bit. I’m having a hard time collecting all the information from the different sources on kext, boot process I don’t know why it’s not working for me. View all comments or add a comment.

Lenovo u00 page with version Do you want corner scrolling enabled? I still have the horrible click-on-tab and nothing in the dmesg output.

MSI WInd U100 Touchpad

The touchpad seems less jittery too. I want to install osx when i get one and was wondering which touchpad the proline branded version comes with. Following the ALSA article should cover all that is needed. Option “HorizTwoFinger Scroll” “1” 3 Open your favorite X app, and make a status on how horizontal and vertical widn scrolling work for you. I have another problem in that I now have 2 trackpad settings in system properties, one in keyboard settings msl one on its own but so far it doesn’t appear to be causing any issues.


My impression is, that it should be no major issue, msii implement swipe or pinch gestures on old trouchpads, because all touchpads are coming at least with two finger support. I could be of help with testing, but I do not have the skills to jump in and create a package myself for this.

MSI Wind U Series Touch Pad Palmrest Black Keyboard | eBay

That the above info appears quite complex and confusing. With a little fiddling I tarckpad achieved a similar result which enables the That has fixed my problem although it does seem a bit hit and miss at times to get the scrolling working. Here is the kernel commit upstream: The Live-usb is new, no updates.

Edge scrolling works fine for me provided I configure it with either synclient or the KDE synaptiks application. There are no flags and