Anyone know of a cheap laptop like the T42 that has at least one expresscard and one pcmcia slot with maybe a similar optional dock that could provide additional slots? But being as I have saved and saved to just now be able to get the hvxa ordering thursday- yeah!!! In your opinion is this a viable, reliable work around to the Panasonic P2 card reader at 2, or so? I got myself a Dell Precision M Thanks Barry, once again you know more about someone else’s products than their own sales reps do. I asked them to look at my config

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Besides the screen, the only qualms I had with this laptop related back to Vista.

Can you actually use the PC as a reader directly ingesting lenkvo your Mac Pro? There are no issues. DDR3 for the system memory, not the graphics.

In reply to this post by Tino Keitel-3 Tino Keitel-3 wrote I wonder if a X61s has a usable ExpressCard slot, and if it can be used for a graphics card. When you define a standard, and you decide to allow for a reduced-scope implementation like a USB-only ExpressCard you certainly should also realize that someone might actually use that.

IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T61 PCMCIA Card Cage Board 42X | eBay

The computer is clunky, the keyboard is cramped Gives you arthritisthe mouse If thats what you want to call it is terrible, and the battery, ooh I could go on and on on that piece of garbage.

You can definitely use any PCMCIA-equipped laptop to offload to external hard drives, and then plug those drives into your Mac for editing. As for the fastest way to transfer — in the field, offload your footage to an external USB drive. Build quality is 2 nd to none, and it shows with the very precise quiet clicks that each key press gives as feedback.


The Dell M is the pcmciw computer I have found that ships with the slot.

X61s has real ExpressCard or PCMCIA ? – Thinkpads Forum

I’ll lay on the couch and edit stuff on MC all the time. As need to get a lnovo one.! This is a 1x bus, so though it is compatible, it will not be as fast as the express card is probably capable.

From what I read on Creative Cow Unless idle, the laptop usually had lenovvo fan spinning at a low speed outputting a fair amount of heat. Lenovo R, it’s a llenovo heavier than you specify but it has both PCMCIA and ExpressCard, is upgradeable to whatever hard drive you want, plus it has the firewire port, you can get probably four hours out of its battery and you can put an additional battery in the UltraBay to bring it up to about six hours, and it has gigabit ethernet.

In other words processor speed ram etc I know a few top geeks that swear by HP For low-bandwidth things like TV-tuners, card readers, Bluetooth and sound cards, it comes down to whether it’s cheaper for the manufacturer to leverage a desktop PCIe or an external USB2 design.

Barry, thanks for the list. The new laptops come equiped with express slots which are not usefull for my requirement. No, create an account now. Since items are pcmica quite densely in this ultraportable laptop, it is hard to win on all design points. Do you guys know if it’s compatible? Not trying to start an OS flame war, or a discussion about pros and cons of T Actually I’ll sell t to you if you want it for cheap.


My question is if you only plan on using this laptop for the purpose of lenovk the cards of to a portable drive, how important is the rest of the specs on the laptop. Ok, now the good things about it: This computer below seems to be a really great option – pricewise and feature wise.

SunnyBoy88 September 19, at 3: I found the brightness of the screen to be pleasant typing indoors, although it would be quickly washed out outside in the sun. The battery last’s more then six hours i mean in reality not just statsit’s so light it’s funny.

Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Review

I do know these things can happen Seems like it would be reasonable to call Lenovo tech support, with the specs for the card you want available for comparison, and request the specs for the “express slot. That’s a well-established workflow. Here’s the link to the card I am interested in who would let me put an external graphics card to drive some more monitors: