I used an Arduino to retrieve the stored information. Reply to this comment. December 3, at 2: Keithley Cover Off. Even with this level of shielding, the manual still suggests placing the meter away from other instruments and interference sources.

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The top analog circuit board is encased between two pieces of very thick aluminum shielding, and the bottom piece serves as the mounting plate for the analog board as kiethley.

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Keithley Bottom PCB. The pinouts of these two chips are quite similar. The pictures below show the shielding attached to the inner wall of the instrument cover ieithley provides additional shielding.

Keithley Cover Off.

All these chips are socketed so it is pretty trivial to remove them. The pictures below are the keiyhley analog circuit board and the main board at the bottom, with the shielding and analog board removed:. I bought a used Keithley bench multimeter a few weeks ago.

System DMM Equipment Keithley Instruments Inc.; Clevelan

According to the service manual, you should only flash the same version of the firmware as what is currently on your instrument. December 5, at 5: These three chips are parallel memory chips so it is pretty straight forward to dump the content. Also, the calibration data is device keithlfy so do not attempt to flash your calibration EEPROM with data obtained elsewhere. So I decided to backup the firmware along with the calibration data just in case.


System DMM 196

For an arduino usb to gpib project check this: Hello Kerry, Very interesting page! Keithley firmware version B17 Keithley calibration data.

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When the chips ,eithley right aligned on the breadboard, the lower address pins and data pins will all line up correctly. December 3, at 2: Both and can be read using the same circuit setup. Mail will not be published required.

I am having some trouble getting the two to communicate with each other. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply.

Keithley 196 System DMM 6.5 DIGIT Digital Multimeter Tested

While the unit I received was last calibrated many years ago, it remained to be well in spec. December 3, at 8: The cover is grounded through contact with the metal clips on the lower half of the case.

Of course, you can use pretty much any micro-controllers that you are familiar with as long as TTL logic levels are supported. December 5, at 9: Home My Youtube Channel About.


Keithley System DMM DIGIT Digital Multimeter Tested | eBay

Even with this level of shielding, the manual still suggests placing the meter away from other instruments and interference sources. Keithley Top PCB. The picture below shows the 10V DC voltage reading using a voltage keithlry. Since Keithley is considered obsolete by the manufacturer, it might be hard to get a hold of the firmware should the EPROM fail however. Reply to this comment.

As far as the local switch goes, the Keithley part number isbut unless you have a donor unit it would be pretty hard to find.