Hi Jaes i’m Davide and me too I’ve problems to open the software. Palliser Waiting to test this now And now I get the same warning as you about the user program overlapping the bootloader. The supplied value of Hz is useful for testing the RTOS kernel functionality but is faster than most applications require. This site uses cookies.

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OK, I can live with the warning. Svk1101 example, if the web browser computer uses IP address Having programmed the flash, to start the program executing simply enter the command ‘make run’. The check task only executes eck1101 three seconds but has a high priority so is guaranteed to get processor time.

At DOS command window, type test. The content of the EVK board is:. Special syntax is required if you wish your interrupt service routine to cause a context switch.

Atmel Avr32 EVK1101 Evaluation Kit Board for At32uc3b Microcontroller

The IP addresses used by the web browser computer and the prototyping board must be compatible. Wish I knew where and what options.


As soon as possible I’ll try to load your beautiful work on arduino. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I could write a sketch for Arduino IDE but you have to be patient.

I am in severe need of this thing, I tried bossac. The EVK development system Ethernet cable not shown. Thanks again, well done, ev,1101 job! Atmel said to me to format my Pen drive as FAT32 and try again, also with other Pen drive but for now anything of positive happens.

EVK1100, EVK1101 – How to measure the power consumption?

Delivered online or on-site. Power up the EVK I’m convinced it has something to do with VBUS power.

Enter the command ‘ avrgdb ‘ to start the GDB client. Compiler options As with all the ports, it is essential that the correct compiler options are used. That demonstrated here is for the GCC compiler.

Travis, I thank you very much! See the Atmel Software Framework for the latest port for the latest chips. Finally, start the ev1101 executing by entering the command ‘ cont ‘. This library simplifies the work of the PC-developper since all the USB layer is managed thanks to the lib. LED 6 green half will also be illuminated should the check task detect evk110 error in any other task or the memory allocator.


Power Supply – – EVK

See the Source Code Organization section for a description of the downloaded files and information on creating a new project. First the GDB proxy must be started: If you have Doxygen installed then the HTML documentation can be created using the command ‘make doc’.

Lemme go my codes and I will post a reply shortly. Here is my batchisp command: Back in the original command prompt, build and download the FreeRTOS demo using the instructions above.

The project should build with no warning or errors. I just tried your sample too with the exact same ek1101, and nothing happens when I push the on-board buttons.