Anyway, whatever comes out of all this, thank you very much for your assistance. Posted in Hacking , Physical Computing , Tutorial. This means the chip runs the previously uploaded program faster but it also results in a bit of a headache for those that are doing a manual reset upload. Hi, I think this time I spotted what is wrong with my Pc Suite and dku-5 cable. However, mine only has 4 wires, and they connect to instead of 4 Unplug the USB cable. They might help someone else out.

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I hope you will not tell me my situation is desperate QUOTEJust to close this case for everyone else that might be reading, you cannot use ca with for sure.

Just saw your post on the Arduino forums. In no way does this paragraph convey all of the hsb precautions one should take when working with electricity and electronics. There is a possibility you could damage your computer, some other property, injure or even kill yourself! You could try it and see, but you might smoke it.

It appears you put the magical color changing reset capacitor directly on the cable. The first thing you have to do is go to […]. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Plug in the USB connector. After this, you may close the USB housing again using some hot glue.

DIY USB to Serial Cable For $3! | Jonathan Thomson’s web journal

A resettable fuse is highly recommended. In my case my RXD line had less than a volt going to the multimeter or a bad connection. The cost is a bit high and shipping takes time, and most importantly it’s no fun compared to making your own.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here January 12, at 1: March 13,6: Press several keys on the keyboard. Hi, I bought a CA cable from eBay and it has the same connector with 6 pins.

RS uses a negative voltage for a logical 1 sreial a positive voltage for a logical 0. You should notice a new ttyUSB is added after you connect the cable.

What version of pc suite supports a dku-5 usb cable ? – Microsoft Community

If you want to do serial communication with the ATmega you need to put code on it to do so. At no time was I informed of the cable particulars which you made me aware of. Hi again, The CA cable has some problems. Unfortunately i have no good experience with cheap chinese DKU-5 ub i have found CA cable the best for me… It has only three wires.


Hookup the TxD and RxD wires as shown in the schematic. Unplug the USB cable.

The BiT Bang Theory

Compliments from me aswell on a very good article. Any help will be highly appreciated.

December 19, at 1: Check out his blog too, he posts some cool stuff. Did this solve your problem? Hi ramelvert You need to find a version of PC Suite earlier srrial v6.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Request for Comments Odds are that not all of you will get exactly the same cable that Jsb did, so please share your unique experiences and insights in the comments section.

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