Jan 23, , 1: Tell us what you think Please visit this link to take a one-question survey about this article: If authentication is required, select Signons. Hope that steers you in the right direction. For more information, see Data source connections. This parameter is typically left blank.

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I thought I replied to this previously. To have the database have wait indefinitely, enter zero, which is the default. For more information on signon, see Securing data sources.

IBM How to use Excel as a data source in Framework Manager. – United States

While it is not well geared cognoos the large queries of reporting and analysis, there may be a need to report directly from an existing MySQL database for any number of reasons. Set the appropriate library path environment variable to specify the location of the ODBC libraries for your operating system:.

While i am using framework manger it shows all datasource list but i am unable to connect datasource it shows below error QE-DEF The logon failed. In Cognos server machine have a access to connect Database server Mysql so i have created ODBC and test connection also is working fine.

ODBC Data Source Connections

Once downloaded, a simple double click of the msi should start the installation wizard the zip version is probably different, it should have instructions included.


Go to the “demo” subdirectory in the DataDirect installation directory, and run the command: Click OK, to save configuration change. Check that cognls connection parameters to the database are configured correctly.

It is much more particular than a source database for performing analytics. The short answer is no, you need to use one of the databases officially supported for the content database.

For more information about the ODBC. This allows any user access to the connection information. Collation sequences are required only in rare cases where there may be sorting discrepancies between IBM Cogmos software and a database. Specify the time in seconds within which you want the database to connect or wait for your reply before timing out.

DPR-ERR Unable to execute the request because there were no connections to the process available within the configured time limit. Interestingly enough, Cognos Insight can use bit drivers probably due to it inheriting more from TM1 than Cognos proper.

Timeouts Specify the time in seconds within which you want the database to connect or wait for your reply before timing out. The long answer is that it might be possible, but would require doing something that would basically be a hack without any manuals, tutorials, or guides to help. It should now be possible to odvc this MySQL database in any packages in this project.

Create a Data Source Connection in IBM Cognos

Beyond that, the easiest option might be to just recreate the reports in the new system. Select if you want the connection to process requests independent of each other.


From odc list, select the MySQL 3. Verify Metrics works correctly First, verify the Metrics cube can be built: She can be contacted at rrwang cn. Jan 24,1: For example on Linux, add the following to “daily-refresh.

Either the DSN is missing or the host is inaccessible. Press Finish and the connection should now be visible in the list: Press the OK button and it should now show up in the list.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Create a Data Source Connection in IBM Cognos

Try recreating the connection on that tab, but make sure there are no other connections with the same name, otherwise it will cause them to fail. The msi version is probably the more convenient of the two, but the zip version should work as well.

This will likely be cohnos time consuming endeavor that leaves your environment with some odd behavior.