Here is more information for doing that. Anonymous April 7, at Where can i find it.? Posted by jErUNg at 7: If no communication exists, can not get the ARP Request this attack will fail.

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Alfa 2000 mW AWUSO36NH 802.11N USB Adapter Wireless N 2 W HIGH POWER wi-fi

Really appreciatable work you have done. Using this attack mode the premise must be connected to the router through the certification of a legitimate client. Thank you for posting the great content…I was looking for something like this…I found it quiet interesting, hopefully you will keep posting such blogs… cell phone detection. Jonathan Ong September 11, at 2: Where can i find it.? Trees Planet March 2, at 8: Amir Sajuri August 4, at 6: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

It uses the Broadcom BCM chipset. So how to acces there files??

Fixed – Beini DishingTech ISO & ALFA AWUSNH | Xiaopan Forums

Also it is possible to increase the transmitting power of an adapter but doing it manually can heat up a adapter and burn it up. When i find a Hey key, what does that mean?


WIFI can be easily hacked if u know the password. Ko guna Cd burner ke USB. But to do the things Kali was created for, specific adapters with correct chipset need to be used.

If yes what should be the max dbi of that anteena should i use??? Use Weaver to crack reuter with WPS. Sir plz help me. Adrian Woolley April 28, at 7: Beini Bfini-1.2.1 Hardware List. Any of the above wireless N dongles will work with Kali. The blank sections have unknown compatibility at this time but are likely to be compatible.

Enter that 10 digit number in the converter and it will give you the ASCII password, you do not need a generator, just gave you the link for your education only. Also it does not start fromto , it goes through sections to try improve the performance of the attack starting at something likethen will do its thing jumping around. Someone already combine Weaver into Beini, or search in my Blog the tutorial to combine.


Beini Compatible Hardware List – 阿新 – 博客园

Cell Buster April 23, at 1: Thanks, for the quick reply. Most network cards can not do this. Hello Admin, I wanna know with the help of backtrack5 is it possible to crack wap2 if wps is disabled.

Boosters and bigger antennas can always be added later if needed. I have made a tutorials for them who want to make their wifi protected. bini-1.2.1

When i put in that Hex key with those 10 numbers what i think is the telephone number then i only can bfini-1.2.1 on Copy to clipboard. Zamir Muhammad August 25, at 7: This step is non-client research study a first step, because no legitimate connection to the client, and therefore need a disguise client and the router is connected to.

Anip D Bone’s July 28, at 7: