Haven’t tried it yet. It mentions it was going to be out of Japan on this site. It’s sooo small and unobtrusive. So it would seem this drive suffers from having to stop-start a lot. You are not logged in. I guess it depends where they were made and where the distributor was located. I dried it with the hair dryer, inserted into computer.

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Add to your Watched Bano. When it arrived in the post, I was very glad to see that it was in sensible packaging. It mentions it was going to be out of Japan on this site.

I’m not sure if the S or any other arranger is capabale of reading a 16GB Flash drive, maybe someone could verify? Page 1 of 2.

It was still the usual toughened plastic that you have to utterly destroy to get into not good for the second hand marketbut for once the packaging was not oversized to the content. I have a student who just got a S and thought this would be the best way to go. Scott Langholff Senior Member Registered: The drive roughly measures 5mm x 19mm x 14mm, as shown here:. I dried it with the hair dryer, inserted into eaglerec.


It’s sooo small and unobtrusive. I had left it in my shirt pocket, without the cover on it, just to be sure it eagletdc completely clean I guess. Switch to Threaded Mode.

EagleTec USB Nano Flash Drive

When I first connected the drive to my laptop, I was surprised at how much of a tight fit it was. At first it wouldn’t recognize it, but I kept trying different slots and finally the computer read it.

This form factor is ideal if you want ultra compact data storage to carry around with you, and I imagine it would be particularly well suited for netbooks ,where ordinary thumb drives will disproportionately stick out of the side of the device. Here’s the original thread for those that missed out on this topic. Works great I love mine Apparently they are all 5 mm.

It appears to be the same size. Previous Topic Index Next Topic. I am pretty sure the Prelude would read the 16 gig too, but the Prelude is limited to songs. Fran Carango Senior Member Registered: The 16GB are temorarily out of stock. DonM Senior Member Registered: Print Topic Switch to Threaded Mode. Larry, I use an Ysb 8gig with the Roland Prelude Dnj Senior Member Registered: I copied all the files into a folder on the PC, but I think they were already on there in various places.


What do you think about that issue?

EagleTec USB Nano – You just can’t get it smaller than this « Tech Gadgets

Views of the drive with case removed. I guess I should let it dry out first. It’s ironic that I just ran one of mine through the washing machine. You are not logged in.

I see it only goes up to Windows Vista.